‘American Beauty’ artwork & Rolling Stone interview


American Beauty, Bruce Springsteen’s Record Store Day special EP containing 4 new songs, will be released on April 19. Bruce talked about it recently with Rolling Stone‘s Sean Sennett. In the interview published at Rolling Stone’s website Bruce gives some details about these new songs, talks about the Australian tour and his choice of covers. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

«It’s got some nice things on it. This is material from the past decade. […] I believe «American Beauty» was a demo I made that I didn’t end up cutting with Brendan. I believe «Hurry Up Sundown» was the same thing. The other two songs, one was cut for maybe Magic or Working on a Dream and they’re just good music that didn’t get onto this record, and was sitting there.»

«We said, «Who’s the biggest Australian act in the world?» The Bee Gees. On my playlist I have a huge disco section — I like disco music from the Seventies a lot. The Bee Gees made great records and «Stayin’ Alive» was simply a great song. The lyrics are in our wheelhouse.»

See the full Q&A at Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, Bruce seems to have opened to social media recently, increasing his personal presence on the net. Besides the much-welcomed live downloads and a vast amount of concert photos and video posts in his website, he’s been uploading many personal photos (including the so-called ‘selfies’) quite often: Bruce riding his bike with friends in Sydney, Bruce with his dogs and horses and now some pics taken at his Colts Neck studio, with an added promise of uploading soon more stuff from the recent Southern Hemisphere tour. So stay alert and check brucespringsteen.net for more updates.

No more tour news at the moment though we’ve heard more dates are being considered (in both the U.S. and Europe) .

Photo: Bruce Springsteen (www.brucespringsteen.net)


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