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Springsteen gets his Special Tony Award

Bruce Springsteen got a new award for his already extensive collection: a Special Tony Award, for Springsteen on Broadway.

The 72nd Tony Awards Sunday ceremony was held at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on June 10th, and Bruce was rewarded «for his ongoing engagement Springsteen on Broadway, a once-in-a-lifetime theatregoing experience for the Broadway stage, allowing fans an intimate look at a music idol».

Bruce was presented the award by New York legend Billy Joel. before playing «My Hometown» at the piano, Bruce also addressed the crowd:

«Thank you. This is deeply appreciated, thanks for making me feel so welcome on your block. Being a part of the Broadway community has been a great thrill and an honor for me — it’s been one of the most exciting things that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve got to thank Patti Scialfa, my beautiful wife and artistic partner, for her love and inspiration every night. I’ve got to thank Jon Landau, George Travis, Barbara Carr, and Jordan Roth for the great work of getting our show on stage. And last but not least, our wonderful audiences, who’ve made these shows so exciting and fulfilling. Evan, Jess, and Sam — Daddy loves you. You’ve been wonderful to me this season, thank you so much. God bless all.»