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There ain’t no finer band around: legendary Agora show gets proper release

bs780809_reels«Good evening and welcome to the WMMS 10th anniversary concert. I’m Kid Leo, and I have the duty and the pleasure of welcoming, ladies and gentlemen, the main event. Round for round, pound for pound, there ain’t no finer band around: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band!»

It is here! The legendary show from the Agora Ballrom in Cleveland, originally aired live on the radio in 1978, is now available for download from the Live Bruce Springsteen store. The recording comes from the original 15 inch-per-second half-track reels, which were sent to Plangent for proper remastering, as Toby Scott explains on the liner notes.

No fan should miss this one: Bruce Springsteen at his best on a memorable night. Get it now!