Noticias e información en castellano sobre Bruce Springsteen

Rock’n’roll fest in Charlotte (and «Iceman»!)

For the second time in his career Bruce Springsteen performed live the very rare song «Iceman». This beautiful Darkness outtake (released on the Tracks box set in 1998) had previously only been played live once (as a solo performance in Philadelphia in May 2005 during the Devils & Dust tour).

The Charlotte show, though, was a rock’n’roll fest. Bruce picked up many sign requests and that brought the tour debuts of several rock classics such as «Louie Louie», «Mustang Sally» and «Brown-Eyed Girl», plus «From Small Things» and «Darkness on the Edge of Town» (first time as an encore).

The 3-hour, high-intensity performance was full of rock songs, like «Cadillac Ranch», «Out in the Street», «No Surrender», «My Love Will Not Let You Down», «Light of Day» or «Born in the U.S.A.».

There was almost no ballads. The exception being the «Iceman» opener plus «Jack of All Trades», «Racing in the Street» (another sign request) and «Dream Baby Dream», which closed the show.

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