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The full Rolling Stone interview

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Andy Greene had the chance to interview Bruce for Rolling Stone recently. Part of the interview has been published at the magazine’s website and print issue, but now the full 54-minute interview has been posted online. It’s a fascinating read, and Bruce reveals a lot of details. Here are some of the most interesting:

·»The Ghost of Tom Joad» was originally a rock song, written for the Greatest Hits album. It didn’t work so it became an acoustic song, and was the spark that led to the acoustic album of the same name. Then it became «part of our live show, but miss getting on the studio record because they didn’t necessarily fit with the sonic picture. So «Ghost of Tom Joad» ends up on this record as the rock song it was, perhaps, intended to be 15 years ago».

·Bruce is now working on the record he was doing before Wrecking Ball.

·Bruce recorded a full album with loops back in 1994 when he wrote «Streets of Philadelphia». He listens to it a lot

·The songs for Devils & Dust were mostly written while he was writing the Ghost of Tom Joad songs.

·»Frankie Fell in love» was an outtake from the Magic sessions. Recorded again with «Steve and drums and bass».

·About releasing old bootlegs officially, Bruce keeps thinking about it: «I never close the door on any of it. I suppose it would be nice to get some of the classic concerts that have kept people’s interest over the past 20, 30 or even 40 years and maybe formalize them in some way. That’s not off the drawing board either. It’s all there».

·Tracks #2: it’s a matter of time. «I kinda keep all these things wide open. I’m in search of the context for different things to be released, and what feels right, timing-wise».

·The essay Springsteen wrote for the Superbowl made him start writing some sort of autobiography. But as he says «I wouldn’t call it a book yet. It’s writings, miscellaneous writings».

·The River box set will happen if there’s enough unreleased material for it: «That’s something we’re working on. If we have enough, it’ll happen. If there’s not enough there, then it wouldn’t».

Read the full interview at Rolling Stone