Stand Up For Heroes 2013

dream2low dreamlow

This year’s Stand Up For Heroes benefit show, which moved from the Beacon Theatre to the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, featured the usual combination of jokes and music that Bruce has been offering in past years. Yesterday Bruce delivered acoustic versions of  «Dancing in the Dark» and «If I Should Fall Behind» (this one as a duet with Patti Scialfa), but the big surprise was a phenomenal version of the 2013 recording of «Dream Baby Dream», with Bruce sitting at the pump organ and using some pre-recorded sounds (the same ones as the studio version recently released thru Spotify).

Bruce’s electric guitar was then auctioned and fetched $250,000. Bruce then sang a bit of «Mystery Train».

(The full 3-hour show, with Roger Waters, Jon Stewart and others, is available at this link from Youtube)

Bruce’s full performance:

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