New official video: New York City Serenade

This week we’ve celebrated the 40th anniversary of the release of Bruce’s second album, The Wild The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, published November 5th 1973. And there’s no doubt one of the masterpieces from that album is the closing song, «New York City Serenade».

Bruce composed it in 1973 when he used parts of two previously written songs (“New York City Song” and “Vibes Man”) to create this masterpiece. Pianist David Sancious was vital in the creation, with his beautiful piano parts and because he took care of the marvelous string arrangements. The song debuted live at Max’s Kansas City in July of 1973, with Sancious in the band playing the piano (and using a mellotron to recreate the string parts).

Bruce is now offering an official video of the song, as it was performed in Rome in July 2013, during the Wrecking Ball Tour.

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