New Springsteen album coming soon?

In recent weeks there has been lots of hearsay in the internet about a possible new Springsteen album coming soon. The release of the song «Dream Baby Dream» a few weeks back was the first hint to that, plus the continuous announcements of new shows in Australian, New Zealand and, more recently, South Africa.

Danish music magazine Wimp went yesterday another step ahead in that direction. The online magazine has published a photo of what looks like a first single off a new album, for the song «High Hopes». Bruce already recorded the Havalinas song back in 1995 for the Blood Brothers documentary and EP, and the song was performed in several shows in Australian in 2013. It was during the Australian tour that Bruce and the E Street Band visited a local studio to record some new material, and all seems to indicate (though at the moment this is pure speculation) that «High Hopes» was one of the songs recorded that day.

Wimp’s website announces Nov.19th as the release date for this song, and adds a link (that still doesn’t work) to hear a fragment of the tune. Next to it it says «The album is not released yet. The album launch is 11/25/2013». What does all of this mean? The Wimp website looks for real and not a scam so it’s probably indicating a new single is coming soon and album details will be revealed on Nov.25th. However, take it with a grain of salt.


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