The two concerts in Dublin resulted in 46 different songs, more than six hours of music and two memorable concerts (again). Springsteen took the RDS stage with a fake generator, simulating with Steve that they were putting the switch to «On», then saying «…before we were so rudely interrupted…» and kicking off the show were they left it in London… with the final part of «Twist and Shout», inmediately followed by «I Fought The Law».

Other surprises of the evening included the premiere of «I’m A Rocker» (one of the least played and most unfairly underrated songs off The River), the classic «Raise Your Hand» (a steady song in the set list in this part of the tour), the premiere of «My Hometown» (dedicated to U2), the return of «Rosalita» and a crazy end of the show with «Twist and Shout» and «American Land», where a false policeman took the stage to try to switch off the power and interrupt the concert, engaging into a (fake) fight with Bruce and Stevie, all rolling on the floor, in a hilarious end to the show.

The second night featured an amazing 16 different songs from the first show, opening with a solo acoustic version of «This Hard Land» followed by the exciting trio formed by «No Surrender», «Two Hearts» and «The Ties That Bind». After «We Take Care of Our Own» came another shattering threesome with three Darkness songs in a row: «Badlands», «Something in the Night» and «Adam Raised a Cain». The intensity of the concert did not go down at any time, and more and more jewels arrived in the form of  «Jackson Cage», «She’s the One», «Atlantic City» or «The Promise» (the piano), followed by two masterpieces such as «The River» and «Backstreets» (replacing» The Rising» for the first time on the tour). The long round of encores included «Rocky Ground» and «American Land» as closing songs.

See complete set list of the first night.
See complete set list of the second night.

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