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Two new saxophonists in expanded E Street Band

Bruce Springsteen has confirmed today through his official website that a 5-piece horn section has been added to the band for the upcoming Wrecking Ball tour, along with two backup singers. The horn section is basically the same that played at the Carousel show in Asbury Park in December of 2010, which happened to be Clarence Clemons’ last show with Springsteen. The only change being Jake Clemons will be on sax in the place of Stan Harrison. No doubt this is a very talented group of musicians which will surely add a lot to the sound on the new tour (here’s hoping this means Bruce will add songs off The Promise on the tour). Both Cindy Mizelle and Curtis King will also join again the band as backup singers in the new Wrecking Ball tour.

These are the members of the 2012 horn section:

Jake Clemons – Sax
Barry Danielian – Trumpet
Clark Gayton – Trombone
Eddie Manion – Sax
Curt Ramm – Trumpet

Eddie Manion has been for many years a member of Southside Johnny’s Asbury Jukes, and a frequent member of Springsteen’s bands, both in 1988 (Tunnel of Love Express tour) and 2006 (Seeger Sessions Band).

Clark Gayton was also a member of the Seeger Sessions Band, as was Curt Ramm, who also played trumpet in the last weeks of the Working on a Dream tour. In his long career, Gayton has played with an impressive list of bands and musicians, such as The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Lionel Hampton, McCoy Tyner, The Carnegie Hall Jazz Orchestra, Ray Charles, Prince, Quincy Jones, Sting, Stevie Wonder or Santana.

Barry Danielian is a newcomer to Springsteen’s bands. He has previoulsy recorded and/or toured with Blood, Sweat and Tears, Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band, Queen Latifah, Jon Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Natalie Cole or James Taylor.

Jake Clemons, the youngest member of the band, is Clarence Clemons’ nephew, and has toured with the legendary The Israelites, plus also The Swell Season. He has also published a solo album.

The official press release specifies that Eddie Manion and Jake Clemons «will share the saxophone role».

Jake Clemons plays «Drive all Night» with The Swell Season.
Barry Danielian, Clark Gayton, Eddie Manion and Curt Ramm at the Carousel show in Asbury Park, Dec. 2010, along with Stan Harrison.