First taste of Wrecking Ball

From today on, you can listen to one new song per day at various websites. debuted today «Easy Money». You can also hear the songs at Absolute Radio in the UK, or the spanish newspaper El País.

This is the schedule to listen to the new songs:

Today: «Easy Money» here on
Tuesday, Feb. 21: «Shackled and Drawn»
Wednesday, Feb 22: «Jack of All Trades»
Thursday, Feb. 23: «Death to My Hometown»
Friday, Feb. 24: «This Depression»
Monday, Feb. 27: «Wrecking Ball»
Tuesday, Feb. 28: «You’ve Got It»
Wednesday, Feb. 29: «Rocky Ground»
Thursday, March 1: «Land of Hope and Dreams»
Friday, March 2: «We Are Alive»

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