Springsteen joins street musician in Boston

Bruce is no strange when it comes to surprising people: in 1988 he played in the streets of Copenhagen and Rome, where he joined local musicians and sang with them, and this summer he strummed a child’s guitar in a public New Jersey beach.

Last Thursday Bruce appeared in the Boston Public Gardens, where he strummed a guitar he’d borrowed from a local busker. Apparently Bruce was in town to drop his son Evan at Boston College, when he saw Argentinian guitar player David Gonzalez in the Public Gardens. After a little talk, Bruce left saying «I’ll see you later». Half and hour later he was back with Patti Scialfa, and at David’s request, he strummed a guitar a bit (see video below) before leaving the place, and a generous amount of cash in the guitar case.

Later in the day Bruce had dinner with Peter Wolf, and then attended a concert by the Roy Sludge Trio at Atwood’s in Cambridge, Massachussets.

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