Bruce Springsteen prepares new album

Matt Chamberlain (former Edie Brickell, and Pearl Jam, drummer), wrote this week on Twitter that he’s got a call from the Boss to go make some recordings.

«When the Boss calls you got to go!», wrote Chamberlain last Friday. On Saturday he tweeted again: «Today I’m heading out to NJ to record with that guy from there,so excited». This would lend to believe that Springsteen is recording a new solo album at his home studio, this time with new musicians.

In a recent interview with WMGC radio, Steve Van Zandt said this when asked about future plans with the E Street Band:

«You know Bruce — he’s always got an album in his pocket, he’s always writing something. I don’t know this for a fact, but I expect him to possibly put something out that’s more of a solo nature, before we get back together. Only because he’s so prolific, still, after all these years… I expect him starting to have a backlog of songs, just in terms of the time that have passed.»

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