Bruce Springsteen takes the stage again

Although this year he is not expected to tour, Springsteen jumped on a stage again for the second time this year. It was at Rosanne Cash’s concert in Durham, North Carolina. Springsteen recently contributed to Rosanne’s latest album The List, singing a duet with her on the song «Sea of Heartbreak». Halfway thru her show at Duke University on April 15th she told the crowd: «Usually, I’d say that John Leventhal will be playing the part of Bruce Springsteen; tonight, Bruce Springsteen will be played by Bruce Springsteen». And so both artists sung «Sea of Heartbreak» to a stunned crowd. (See a picture of the show at

But this ain’t it: Bruce will be back on a stage very soon. He has been confirmed to join Wes Stace (formerly known as John Wesley Harding) in a special performance with poet Robert Pinsky at Wamfest (Words and Music Festival). They’ll play at a special event called «Words and Music, Perhaps II: A Discussion and Performance». The concert is free, but only available to Duke students.

Photo: Wes, Bruce y Ian. Pic from Wes Stace’s Twitter.

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