«Working on a dream» debut on NBC

Believe it or not this is a new Bruce Springsteen song. In the middle of the audience’s roar and the player’s screams you can hear less than a minute of «Working on a dream», the new song from Bruce’s new… well, we don’t know if it’s part of a new album, a TV program or a special project, because no info at all was given anywhere. Not on TV last night, not on the official website, not thru a press release. A minute of new Springsteen music mixed with football images and some screaming. Art and sports mixed to promote… «something». The new song from an artist who refused millions of dollars to have one of his songs on a TV commercial, and now debuts a little piece of a new song in the midst of a football game. In our opinion, not a good way to show art.

See the video and judge for yourself:


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