Santa has left the building

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have closed their 2007 Magic tour with an extraordinary show at London’s O2″ arena. The band’s energy was at top level last night. Despite the few set list changes (who needs them when the show is so excellent?) the performance was extraordinary and London got the longest show of the tour so far, with 2 hours and 30 minutes.

«Because the Night» was again one of the highlights, with the best E Street Band guitar solo since 1978… and it came from the genious of Nils’ fingers. «Racing in the Street» got its european debut and the second only tour performance, dedicated to the fans «following us around for two months with that one sign». «Jungleland», another fan favorite, was done for the second night in a row, and they, again, nailed it. Clarence was just perfect. A real joy to watch. Other highlights include the stunning 4-song intro, particularly «Night», and the songs from the new album that just keep getting better and better, like «Gypsy Biker», «Devil’s Arcade» or «Last to Die». The show ended with a great rendition of «Santa Claus is Coming to Town»… and the history-making E Street Band left the building.

See complete set list.

More London!
Today at 10am tix went on sale for a second show at Emirates Stadium in London, scheduled for May 31st.

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