Noticias e información en castellano sobre Bruce Springsteen


On a cold december night in Paris, Bruce Springsteen has heated the cold french audience with a very intense, strong performance. «Radio Nowhere» has been followed by both «No Surrender» and «Night», and then «Lonesome Day». An electrifying foursome that set the tone for the night. Later in the set, the highlight of highlights has been a phenomenal «Because the Night», with Nils shining on a brutal and long guitar solo.

«The River» has featured a very nice falsetto at the end of the song (plus a fantastic beginning sung completely by the audience), and «Jungleland» has been the highlight in the encores. Simply perfect. Great vocals, great sax and the E Street Band in full power nailing it. Elliott Murphy, Bruce’s long time Paris buddy, was onstage to sing on «Dancing in the Dark», and the show ended with the now classic Xmas song «Santa Claus is coming to town».

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