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And now it’s here… Columbus 2005 official download

Following the publication of Devils & Dust in 2005, Springsteen embarked on a solo tour for seven months (from April 25 to November 22 of that year), which took him to various cities in the United States, Canada and Europe.

He was accompanied by a multitude of instruments: guitars, banjo, harmonica, dobro, pump organ, electric organ, piano, ukulele… which allowed him to make a thorough review of his song catalog and offer many different versions of all kinds of songs. Some of the shows from that tour were filmed and there was even talks of a possible DVD release, but it never materialized.

Now, thanks for the Archive releases, we finally have an official document of that tour. The seventh installment of the series is now available at the official Live Downloads website. It’s the solo show held in Columbus, Ohio, on July 31, 2005, at a key moment of the tour, where Bruce was debuting new songs each day following many fans’ requests. That particular night featured three tour premieres (the first-ever acoustic version of «Cynthia«, a piano version of «Back in Your Arms» and the first and only live performance of «Lift Me Up«, a song he wrote for the soundtrack of the film Limbo).

It also included the rarely played «When You’re Alone», «Valentine’s Day» and «One Step Up», all of them from Tunnel of Love, plus «For You» and «Lost in the Flood» (two jewels from his debut album) and most of the standards of the tour («Devils & Dust», «Long Time Comin’,» «Reno», «The Hitter», «Matamoros Banks», «Jesus Was An Only Son», «The Rising»…).

The exceptional 24-track recording has been mixed by Toby Scott and is available in different formats to download, and also on CD.

This is the full set list:

Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH 31 July 2005
Lift Me Up / Reason To Believe / Devils & Dust / Lonesome Day / Long Time Comin’ / Back In Your Arms / For You / State Trooper / Cynthia / One Step Up / Reno / When You’re Alone / Valentine’s Day / Lost In The Flood / The Rising / Further On (Up The Road) / Jesus Was An Only Son / Two Hearts / The Hitter / Matamoros Banks / Ramrod / Bobby Jean / The Promised Land / Dream Baby Dream