17 septiembre, 2013

Victor Jara’s relative meets Bruce in Chile

After a very long show in Santiago, Bruce met Patricio Doñas in his dressing room. Patricio is the grandson of Georgina Jara, Víctor’s sister. Patricio and Bruce talked and discussed Víctor’s life and work, and at the end of the meeting Patricio gave Bruce the lyrics to the song «El derecho de vivir en paz», hand-written by Victor Jara himself.

Patricio told the story to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera:

“That caught his attention and he said it was something amazing (…). Rather than say something, he asked me a lot. He knew the history well, much better than many Chileans. He was very grateful. And for me it meant overcoming the fear of my own story.»


Artículo en La Tercera