Bruce in Australia?

While Bruce is «touring» the Mediterranean with friends and family (with known stops in Greece, Italy and Spain), news have come from Australia about a possible tour there in February 2014. The Triple M website revealed the plans for a 2014 tour, though the page was later deleted.

Corey Stephenson’s website was able to capture the Triple M website post and all the details. According to the deleted Triple M page, Bruce would start an Australian tour on Feb.7th in Perth, then on to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Hunter Valley and a final show in Brisbane on Feb. 26th. Of course, all to be taken with a grain of salt, but the dates would match with the rumours of a new studio album coming out before Christmas or early next year, followed by a world tour.

Image taken from Corey Stephenson’s website.

Bruce Springsteen 2

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