New Jersey #1

The first concert in Springsteen’s homeland included a wonderful tour premiere: 1974’s «So Young and In Love», released in 1998 in the Tracks boxset, and it sounded as cool and fresh as in its 70’s performances in little clubs and theaters (though it was known as «A Love So Fine» back then). Being followed last night with «The E Street Shuffle» it really felt like we had gone back in the past. Old classics like «Badlands», «Born to Run», «Prove it All Night» or the eternal «Thunder Road» sounded fresher and featured some magnificent sax solos from Jake Clemons, who has a very relevant part on this tour and this expanded E Street Band.

Although last night was apparently not a spectacular concert if you only look at the setlist (no major surprises) it was indeed an excellent show with a strong performance, and the band sounded as tight and confident as ever. Nils does a great job throughout the concert, in the background but carrying on his shoulders a good part of the weight of the band, and shining brightly when facing the guitar solo on «Because the Night» (Bruce kept for himself a short but furious guitar attack on «Prove it All Night»). The audience response to the remembrance of gone E Street Band members was just fabulous, both during the roll call on «My City of Ruins» and the silent part of «Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out». The audience noise was just unbelievable last night.

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Report by Salvador Trepat.

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