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Wrecking Ball: the musicians

German store JPC has revealed a list of musicians that participate in nearly all the songs off Wrecking BallAnd it’s a long list.

Some of them are part of the Victorious Gospel Choir of Asbury Park, a gospel group led by Lilly Brown. They performed with Springsteen at the  Christmas concerts in 2001 and 2003.

Although incomplete (it’s missing credits on 5 songs) the list confirms the participation of Tom Morello (guitar) in at least 2 songs, Matt Chamberlain (drums), Greg Leisz (pedal steel guitar), Stan Harrison (Asbury Jukes’ sax player) or several members of the Seeger Sessions Band (Curt Ramm -trumpet-, Clark Gayton -trombone-, Art Baron -tuba-, Ed Manion -sax-, Lisa Lowell -vocals-).

From the legendary E Street Band we find Steve Van Zandt, Soozie Tyrell, Patti Scialfa, Max Weinberg, Charlie Giordano and Clarence Clemons, who plays sax on»Wrecking Ball» (he might be featured in more songs, like «Land of Hope and Dreams», but it is not know yet). So far no information on Roy, Nils and Garry, although they could be in any of the other 5 songs that remain uncredited in the list below.

The other musicians are less known, although some had previously recorded with Springsteen. Michelle Moore, Antoinette Savage, Corinda Carford and Tiffany Andrews are part of the vocal group The Alliance Singers (who sing background vocals on «Let’s Be Friends» and «Mary’s Place» from the album The Rising). Jeremy McCoy, Dan Shelly and Mark Romatz are all part of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City.



These are the musicians credits, song by song, according to JPC:

1 We Take Care Of Our Own (3:53)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Soozie Tyrell, Patti Scialfa, Lisa Lowell, New York Chamber Consort

2 Easy Money (3:35)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Soozie Tyrell, Steve Jordan, Patti Scialfa, Lisa Lowell, Michelle Moore, Antoinette Savage, Corinda Carford,  Tiffeny Andrews, Soloman Cobbs, Lilly Brown

3 Shackled And Drawn
sin información

4 Jack Of All Trades (5:58)
Art Baron, Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Soozie Tyrell, Tom Morello, Curt Ramm, Clark Gayton, New York Chamber Consort, Stan Harrison, Ed Manion

5 Death To My Hometown
sin información

6 This Depression (4:08)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Soozie Tyrell, Tom Morello, Patti Scialfa, Lisa Lowell

7 Wrecking Ball (5:47)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Soozie Tyrell, Curt Ramm, Max Weinberg, Patti Scialfa, Charlie Giordano, Lisa Lowell, New York Chamber Consort, Rob Lebret, Clarence Clemons, Ross Petersen, Clif Norrell

8 You’ve Got It (3:47)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Curt Ramm, Matt Chamberlain, Clark Gayton, Marc Muller, Rob Lebret, Stan Harrison, Ed Manion, Greg Leisz, Ross Petersen, Clif Norrell

9 Rocky Ground
sin información

10 Land of Hope and Dreams
sin información

11 We Are Alive
sin información

12 Swallowed Up (5:33)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Charlie Giordano, Soozie Tyrell, Clif Norrell, Rob Lebret, Patti Scialfa, Ross Petersen ,Lisa Lowell
Jeremy McCoy, Dan Shelly, Mark Romatz, Rob Mathes

13 American Land (4:25)
Bruce Springsteen, Ron Aniello, Charlie Giordano, Max Weinberg, Soozie Tyrell, Clif Norrell, Rob Lebret ,Ross Petersen, Stevie Van Zandt