5 enero, 2012

Steve Van Zandt to star new mobster series

Steve Van Zandt returns to the mafia. After playing the role of Silvio Dante in The Sopranos, Steve returns to actoring in the new series Lilyhammer. Produced by Rubicon TV, the show debuts on February 6th at Netflix (only in the USA and Canada), and then other networks abroad.

In Lilyhammer the E Street Band member plays the role of Frank «The Fixer» Tagliano, a mobster entering the witness protection program that decides to move to the Norwegian town of Lillehammer, site of the ’94 Winter Olympic Games. Tagliano, a sports fan, is hoping that “Lilyhammer”, as he pronounces it, will offer him more than “Clean air, fresh white snow and gorgeous broads”, contrary to his life of crime in New York City. He knows that he is a marked man and figures nobody will ever find him there. That was his second mistake – the first was ratting out the Delucci Family…