Nils Lofgren talks about the future of the E Street Band

Nils was interviewed recently by Jam Showbiz, and he commented about the upcoming future of The E Street Band: “It’s going to be rough, I miss Clarence terribly. I stood next to him for 27 years — and we had a much deeper friendship offstage. Now, I’m never going to stand next to him again. That’s painful in my mind and heart; to actually live it is going to be painful too».

Though he doesn’t give details about Springsteen’s forthcoming album or tour or who’s gonna replace Clarence, he feels happy to be back on the road with the band: “I’m thrilled and proud that Bruce has decided to challenge us. Because we can’t be the band we were. There’s no Clarence 2. So we have to find out what kind of band we can be without Clarence, and how great a gift we can share musically with whoever wants to show up».

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