Springsteen brings back alive the songs from The Promise

Asbury Park went back to the 70’s for a while yesterday afternoon. Springsteen reunited The E Street Band at the Carousel House, south of the famous boardwalk. With only a bunch of fans, family and friends in the audience, Springsteen performed a group of selected songs off his new double album The Promise.

After a lenghty soundcheck, Bruce sang 11 songs in front of a small audience and a film crew, with a shortened E Street Band (without Nils or Patti), plus help from a horn section and David Lindley on the violin (David had previously joined the E Street Band during the Darkness studio sessions in ’77/78).

«Racing in the Street» (in its ’78 rock version), «The Brokenhearted», «Talk to me», «Outside Lookin’ in», «One Way Street», «The Promise» or «Ain’t Good Enough for You» were some of the songs that were performed various times for the cameras.

The filmed performance ended with «Blue Christmas», with all the audience wearing Santa hats. The show was filmed for promotional purposes and will be webcast sometime at the end of this month. See complete set list.

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