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Springsteen joins ‘Hope for Haiti’ telethon

The «Hope for Haiti» telethon, organized by George Clooney, will be held this Friday, Jan. 22nd, in different cities around the world, to raise funds for the reconstruction of Haiti. Several US TV channels will air the event (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BET, The CW, HBO, MTV, VH1 and CMT, starting at 8 pm EST), with other international channels joining, such as BET International, CNN International, National Geographic and MTV Networks International.

Bruce Springsteen’s appearance in he event has been confirmed by MTV. Other artists involved include prominent actors and musicians such as Sting, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, Bono and The Edge, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Renée Zellweger, Courteney Cox, David Arquette or Colin Farrell.

All performances will be on sale Saturday at the iTunes store for $0.99, and proceeds from these sales and the telethon will go to organizations like Oxfam America, UNICEF or Red Cross.