August 1st: Valladolid

Bruce Springsteen is enjoying his tour of Spain tremendously, having a lot of fun with these enthusiastic audiences. The audience in Valladolid was no different, responding louding to songs like «Badlands» or «Hungry Heart», combining oldstuff (gems like «Spirit in the Night» or a fabulous «Something in the Night») with the usual hits and crowd pleasers («American Land» had the whole stadium dancing and jumping). The show started with a lot of energy, included an exciting «Spirit in the Night» and had some interesting sign-requests: Jerry Lee Lewis’ «Great Balls of Fire» (the sing dared to say ‘If you have balls, play Great Balls of Fire’), «Something in the Night» (note-by-note perfect) and a really good version of «Surprise, Surprise» that reminded us of the best Roy Orbison melodies and chord changes.

But that was it. After that there was a change in peace and the energy level clearly dropped, though you couldn’t tell by the audience reaction to songs like «Waitin’ on a Sunny Day», «The Rising», «Girls in their summer clothes» (played at the slowest possible tempo), «Bobby Jean» or «Dancing in the Dark». Not a bad show, as it seemed to please everyone, but not the kind of show to rave about. Still, a more compelling performance than the one in Benidorm two days before. Tonight’s show featured Roy Bittan opening the show playing a typical «Pasodoble» on the accordion.

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