Bruce Springsteen: The Promised Land (Carnegie Hall, April 5th 2007)


Here’s Bruce’s story in the middle of «Rosalita», as performed at Carnegie Hall:

«Well, it’s getting late, unfortunately. And this song is really long. Man, I wrote a lot of lyrics back then! Anyway, you don’t really want to hear the rest of the story. You know the damn story already. Rosie rode off with our hero, they got married, and they lived pretty much happily ever after, more or less, despite what you might’ve read in one or two tabloid stories. Our hero got himself a band, made a fortune and became a star and made a whole lot of people happy with his songs.

And then he started to get sort of happy himself. So he broke up the band, and started writing a bunch of songs about being happy. And no one liked them. So he got the band back together. He wrote some new songs. These ones were about being sad. Everyone loved them. And the years went by. Our hero put on a few pounds. His hair started to get some grey in it, at least when he wasn’t touching it up. The United States turned into a kingdom. The whole damn planet got so pissed off about the whole thing that it just started getting hotter and hotter. Some babies came. And then they turned into children. And then they turned into… something else. And our hero came one night to the biggest city in the world. And he found himself onstage at the fanciest music house in the whole world. I know you’re thinking this story is bullshit. I know it doesn’t really happen like that. But tonight, I’m telling you, it’s all true. So we might as well just cut to the chase already!»

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