27 septiembre, 2006

One show from Italy to be broadcast on radio

The italian news agency ANSA has informed that one of Bruce’s seven shows in Italy will be taped and then broadcast on Radio 1 (Italy) on friday Oct. 13 at 21.00h. Apparently it will be a full concert and the show to be broadcast will be choosen by Bruce himself (you can listen to the show with RealPlayer at http://www.radio.rai.it/)

At the same time italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has annnounced today a very special contest: 10 winners (for each one of the italian shows) will win a special prize: attend the soundcheck before the show, meet Bruce and get the American Land CD signed by Bruce.

Check the paper’s web site for more info. To participate you need to send an SMS to the newspaper number (+39 340 43 11 759) answering the question: how many shows did Bruce play in Europe in ’75? (the answer is 4). In the message you have to put the answer in letters (quattro) plus the name of the city where you want to see Bruce (Bologna, Torino, Udine, Verona, Perugia, Caserta or Roma), then your first name and family name, all together and without any spaces in between words.

One example: your name is Magnus Bjorg and you want to attend the show in Roma. Since the answer to the question is four (quattro) you would have to send the following SMS:


Deadline is tonight, Wed. Sept. 27th at midnight (CET)