Bruce confirms Fall Tour to Norweggian newspaper

Last wednesday Springsteen had a phone interview with the newspaper VG from Norway, where he confirms a Fall tour with the Seeger Sessions Band and the reason of his recording session at a studio in Oslo.

About the Fall tour:

«We end the tour June 25 and might be doing a small tour after summer, but it will not be like in the 80’s when we did 130 shows a year, or something like that. The D&D; tour also became quite big, but I have bigger children now, and they don’t like me being away too long, and I really don’t want to be an absent dad. I love this life, the music, the tours… but there must be a balance.»

About his recordings in Oslo:

«We found this lovely little studio down by a canal. I had written some new lyrics to “Bring them home» on the way to Oslo, so I recorded the vocals there. I hope we can use it sometime, maybe on a ‘Seeger Sessions Vol. 2″ , who knows? But at least it’s the first recording I have made in Oslo.»

And finally about a new E Street Band album:

«You know, it was something like that I had in mind before I stumbled across the Seeger Sessions songs. I wrote a lot of new songs already during the D&D; tour, and I’m really looking forward to work with them again. But first I must close this chapter.»

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