Springsteen puts Barcelona audience in ecstasy

Half an hour before showtime the audience was already chanting and singing the chorus to «Pay Me My Money Down», creating a very particular and exciting atmosphere even before Bruce Springsteen had taken the stage. When he and his formidable Seeger Sessions Band entered the stage the audience went crazy and it lasted until the end of the show, two and a half hours later. Another long, 21-song set ending with «Buffalo Gals». Bruce announced again he’ll be back in the Fall for «some more shows in spanish cities». Patti is returning home after this show, which was her last in Europe.

Some reviews from spanish newspapers:

El Periódico, by Rafael Tapounet
El Periódico, by Nando Cruz
La Vanguardia, by Xavier Aldekoa
Avui, by David Broc

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