May 8: University Park

In the arena at the Penn State University campus, Bruce delivered a long and exciting show in front of an audience full of veteran fans and young students. According to some fans, the first half of the show was amongst the most intense yet on this tour.

In the sign-petition slot arrive the tour debuts of «Ramrod» and the Who’s «My Generation» (an eternal rock classic). Further on the show arrives (finally) one of the best songs off the new album, «This Life» (so far only performed at the first Asbury Park public rehearsal), though unfortunately that means skipping the great «Kingdom of Days». The long encores include «Jungleland», plus the tour debut of «Bobby Jean», followed by the «Detroit Medley» and one more tour debut, Sam the Sham’s «Woolly Bully», last performed in 2008 Harleyfest. No Jay or Patti at this show.

See complete set list and another video.


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