6 mayo, 2009

May 5: Charlottesville

Charlottesville got quite a few tour premieres and surprises, and a stellar set list. The «Badlands» opener was followed by the always intense «Adam Raised a Cain», then «Outlaw Pete» and another gem off Darkness: «Candy’s Room»; and in the middle of the «crisis trilogy» there was a surprising and stunning premiere: no less than «Roulette». Keep it there, Bruce!

Come the sign request slots, there was «Spirit in the Night» and the Kinks’ «You Really Got Me» (see video) and a welcome track off Magic: «Gypsy Biker». A long and hot show that ended with Mitch Ryder’s «Detroit Medley».

See complete set list.

Here’s some videos from recent shows:
«Expressway to your heart» (Nassau Coliseum, NY 4/05/2009)
«Rendezvous» (Nassau Coliseum, NY 4/05/2009)
«London Calling» (Filadelfia 29/04/2009)