Second show in London

Though 4 songs and 10 minutes shorter than the first night, the second London show was a blast, with an energetic show that featured two tour premieres and a big shake of the set list. Twelve songs were different to the previous night, and the show started with «Out in the Street», followed by «No Surrender», «Darkness on the edge of town» and «Gypsy Biker», before finally playing «Radio Nowhere». This gave a different feel to the show.

Then came the two songs dedicated to Danny Federici, with great stories from Bruce: «Sandy» and «Growin’ Up», followed by the tour premieres of «Downbound Train» (with a great, extended instrumental ending) and «I’m on Fire», which had Bruce seated in a chair in the little stage right in front of the audience. «Backstreets» was one of the best moments of the night, with a really intense version of the song. A more uptempo version of «Girls in the Summer Clothes» (more similar now to the album version) opened the encores and was followed by a note-perfect «Jungleland». Clarence was inmense on this one. Bruce was up and running all of the night, having a lot of fun and constantly interacting with the audience (both in the front row, and in the rest of the stadium, via his singing to the cameras sometimes). The show clocked in at 2 hours and 35 minutes.

See complete set list.

photos: 2008 pointblank

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