The second North Carolina show featured an impressive opening with two tour debuts, the killer «Roulette» followed by «Don’t Look Back». This was a high energy rock concert, with unstoppable electric tracks such as «Radio Nowhere», «Out in the Street», «The Promised Land», «Trapped», «Saint in the City», «Because the Night», «Darkness» and «She’s The One».

Just a little rest to catch their breath with «Livin’ in the Future», followed by another tour debut: «Mary’s Place», this time considerably shorter than on The Rising tour. «Saint in the City» was dedicated to Danny, and was introduced by Bruce with these words about Danny: «He had nine lives, and he used up about five of mine» and then a funny story about Bruce finding Danny in the hotel elevator with a screwdriver: «A towel’s not good enough for him, he’s gotta take the elevator buttons!».

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Photo: copyright 2008 Mary Ann/crazy4bruce

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