The Phantom is back!

PB reporting from the road

Danny is back! The crowd erupted when Bruce mentioned «we got a special treat tonight, Danny Federici is with us». And what a treat it was, and what a show. With 8 changes over the previous show in Milwaukee (still a colossal show to remember), Indy got a lot of rarities and emotional performances. Both «Prove it all Night» (blistering guitar solo at the end) and «Rendezvous» (tour debut) were audience requests, with Bruce taking the signs from the front rows and showing them to the cameras.

By the time «Livin’ in the Future» ended Danny joined the band for «The Promised Land» and then (with Bruce saying «He’s gonna make me go old school on you!») «Spirit in the Night» and «Sandy» (with Danny on accordion). The show went on with Charlie again, and by encore time Danny joined the band again for all of the remaining of the show. «We’re all gonna dedicate this to Dan» were Bruce’s words before a stunning «Backstreets» set the tone for an emotional set of songs. And then a truly phenomenal, exhilarating version of «Kitty’s Back» followed, then a triumphal and epic «Born to Run» followed by a fun «Dancing in the Dark» (with Hannah, a little girl, dancing with Bruce onstage… twice!) and «American Land», again with Danny on accordion and Charlie at the organ. After two of the best shows in years, what else must be left for Cincinnati? We’ll soon find out.

See complete set list.

Photo: Milwaukee 17.03.2008 courtesy of Cat Towne (above) and Indianapolis 20.03.2008 (below

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