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Springsteen and Scialfa to release brand new albums

Incessant rumours on the internet indicate a new Bruce Springsteen album is on the way soon, and some have even given the Sept.4th date as possible release date. But it seems, according to various sources, that this might not be correct.

Apparently Sept. 4th is the date for a new Patti Scialfa album, and Bruce’s new album would be released the first days of October, followed by a 6-week tour in the US and 2 weeks of shows in Europe before the end of the year. Of course, take this with a grain of salt, as nothing is set in stone until an official announcement arrives, but this seems to be the plan, at least if we believe in several industry sources we’ve asked.

Meanwhile, Springsteen has been spotted twice in the last days. First at the A Capella Book store in Atlanta, where he spent $300 in books, according to the Atlanta Journal.

But the most surprising of his appearances happened on thursday June 28th. Springsteen attended a friend’s wedding, and ended up jumping onstage to play with the Jeff Lubin Band («If I Should Fall Behind» followed by Chuck Berry’s classic «You Never Can Tell»). According to the band’s website «the dance floor, packed with Springsteen’s immediate family and personal friends, erupted into a wall of cell-phone cameras and video-recorders as the Boss traded off solos with Jeff Lubin Band saxophonist Matt Blostein, and keyboardist Mark Bonder. The Boss could later be seen on the dance floor enjoying himself as The Jeff Lubin Band cranked out pop/rock classics such as John Cougar Mellencam’s ‘Hurts so good’ and Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ «. The wedding took place at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, NJ.

Photo: Springsteen at the wedding. 28.06.2007 /web Hank Lane Music