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Dublin & Belfast

Bruce Springsteen ended his fantastic 2006 tour with three shows in Dublin and one in Belfast. The 3-night stand at The Point in Dublin was filmed by a camera-crew (of at least 9 or 10 cameras), hopefully for a future DVD release.

Night 1 was quite standard, with a good, solid performance in front of a very quiet audience. Not the best show of this tour, for sure.

Night 2 was quite a change: the audience got into the show very quickly and responded greatly, singing, dancing and chanting. Bruce and the band delivered a superb performance, full of energy, with the added bonus of two great tour premieres: «Highway Patrolman» and a beautiful «Shenandoah» as first encore.

The final night was explosive. Again a full-force Seeger Sessions Band delivered their best. Bruce was also on fire from the beginning. The audience was in ecstasy. The tour debut of «For You» rocked the place. (Early on, and because of the rain, the audience was let in during soundcheck time, allowing everyone to hear «For You» and «Mansion on the Hill»). One of the highlights of the show was «The Ghost of Tom Joad», sung beautifully by Bruce and Frank Bruno. «We Shall Overcome» was the first encore («the song that started it all», said Bruce). Later on, before «When the Saints go marchin’ in» Bruce thanked the band and said «we’ll be doing this again in the future».

Finally, on tuesday, the tour came to an end in Belfast. Springsteen’s sons Evan and Sam came onstage to announce: «Ladies and Gentlemen, Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band!». Later on, Jessica joined her brothers onstage during «Pay Me My Money Down». The Belfast show featured another tour debut: «Mansion on the hill», in a familiar version. «For You» was performed again, and «We Shall Overcome» was the song choosen to finish the show and the tour. In Bruce’s own words: «This is sort of a finale for a little while. This has been one of the nicest musical experiences of my life».

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