Bruce records with Sam Moore

Sam Moore is recording a new album, to be released by Rhino Records. The album, titled Overnight Sensational, will be released on May 16th and will be produced by Randy Jackson. Randy recorded with Springsteen back in 1990/1992 and plays on the albums Human Touch and Lucky Town.

In a recent interview with the newspaper Austin Chronicle Sam Moore reveals Springsteen has recorded with him for his upcoming new album: «We go way back. But when we hung with him at the Grammys, we don’t want to bother him about being on my record. Then, right after the show, his management told my wife, «You know he’s going to do your record?» We were high-fiving anyone we could find. Then he comes in to cut the record and at the end of the song he does this preaching thing like C.L. Franklin. He does a squall at the end that’ll blow your mind. Here’s the thing: If it sells as well as it sounds, guess what?»

Thanks for the tip.

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