Rock’n’roll night in Houston

One more night to remember. Bruce Springsteen offered a high-intensity show in his return to Houston.

The opening «Seeds» set the tone for the night: tons of rock, with back to back versions of «Badlands» and «Adam Raised a Cain» plus «She’s The One», «Night» into «No Surrender», «Born to Run» into «Rosalita» or the duets with Texan singer-songwriter Joe Ely in the encore: «Great Balls of Fire» and «Lucille». Pure rock’n’roll.

There was also time for ballads and mid-tempo songs, with the tour debut of the superb «One Step Up», from Tunnel of Love, and a special version of «Backstreets» featuring a lengthy «Sad Eyes» interlude.

The surprise of the night was the premiere of «All Or Nothin ‘At All», from the forgotten Human Touch album, a song that has been played live 8 times only, all except one in 1992 (the last known version was from the show in Tampa in 2009).

Photo: Jack Epstein
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