Noticias e información en castellano sobre Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen closed the European leg of The River tour with a three and a half hour show in Zürich that surprised all the swiss fans for its lack of songs off The River (only 6) and for the abundance of sign requests that Bruce played, including some nice rarities such as «None But The Brave» (only the seventh live version in 13 years) or the rarely performed «Roll of the Dice» along with «Trapped», «Jole Blon» and «Atlantic City». Other signs taken, and almost played, were «Rendezvous», «Frankie» and «Protection» (which would have been a first, and a unique surprise).

The final hour featured lots of encores, including «Jungleland» and «Ramrod», finishing the show with a long and rousing «Twist and Shout», after Bruce thanked his crew and all the travelling fans who follow him around Europe.

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