Noticias e información en castellano sobre Bruce Springsteen


Uneven show in Viena, with Springsteen seemingly tired from the previous night’s show. The show didn’t seem to pick up steam until after «Spirit in the Night», when Bruce decided to play some sign requests (like «Rendezvous», «Trapped», «Empty Sky» and «Loose Ends»). However, the audience didn’t seem to get too excited, at least until «Shackled and Drawn» and «Waitin’ on A Sunny Day», this time followed by «Raise Your Hand» to keep up the pace.

«Tougher Than The Rest», played by Bruce solo at the piano, was the biggest surprise of the night, followed by the always magnificent «Racing in the Street». The audience really got into the show by encore time when all the hits arrived and hit them hard with «Born in the USA», «Born to Run», «Hungry Heart» or «Glory Days», ending the 3hr 39min show with «Twist and Shout».

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