Springsteen debuts new single live at the Grammy Awards

Bruce Springsteen perfomed «We Take Care of Our Own» live for the first time, with The E Street Band and a 14-piece string section, and gave a clear hint of how it addresses the 2012 tour: with lots of energy, an E Street Band in top form and a strong will to convey his message.

Bruce sang «We Take Care Of Our Own» with conviction and got everybody up from their seats, including Sir Paul McCartney. There was no horn section present (there was no need for this song), but we noticed the presence of Garry Tallent on stage in the spot of the late Clarence Clemons.

At the end of the ceremony Springsteen took the stage again to join Paul McCartney on the medley «Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End».

The Darkness box set «The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story» won a Grammy award for «Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package», whioch went to art directors Dave Bett & Michelle Holme.


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