27 abril, 2014

Atlanta: deep down into The River

Though Saturday night’s show in Atlanta lasted less than 3 hours, the performance was stellar, and the setlist spectacular. Many of the concert standards were left off (and that included “Spirit in the Night”, “Hungry Heart”, “Waitin’ On A Sunny Day” and “Darlington County”) in favor of a good bunch of songs off the last 2 albums (7 in total) plus 7 songs off The River.

“I’m on a River kind of mood”, said Bruce early on, before playing a solo piano version of “Independence Day” (tour premiere), and a lot more tracks from the legendary album: “Drive All Night” (another tour premiere), “Jackson Cage”, “Ramrod”, “Point Blank”, “The Ties That Bind” and “Cadillac Ranch”.

There were a lot more nice surprises and additions to the show, from the opening “Clampdown” to the closing “Highway to Hell” and including “Adam Raised a Cain”, “She’s the One”, “Trapped”, “Seeds” or “Tougher Than The Rest”. A dream set list for oldtimers. As somebody wrote on Twitter: “All Killer, no filler!”

See complete setlist

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