6 febrero, 2014

Perth #1


Bruce Springsteen arrived to Australia on Tuesday, ready to start his second tour of Oceania in less than a year. In the next four weeks he will offer a total of thirteen concerts in the continent. During the Wednesday soundcheck in Perth Bruce rehearsed «Dream Baby Dream» a few times and then gave a press conference.

Later that night the first of three shows in Perth started with 3 songs off the new album: «Frankie Fell in Love», «High Hopes» and » Just Like Fire Would» before putting everyone on their feet with «Badlands» and «Hungry Heart» and then offer two jewels off his second album: «The E Street Shuffle» and «Kitty ‘s Back» (the latter with a small snippet of Roy Orbison’s «Oh, Pretty Woman»).  For the first time on this tour, Bruce performed 6 songs off the new album. Besides the three mentioned before, he also sang «Heaven’s Wall» , «American Skin (41 Shots )» and » The Ghost of Tom Joad».

Another welcome surprise was the great version of «For You» that Bruce sang solo at the piano. A powerful version of «She’s the One» included  a bit of Buddy Holly’s «Not Fade Away» in the intro, plus an extended guitar solo at the end. From then on the show followed the usual path, until «Ramrod» got its tour premiere, a welcome change to open the encores. As usual Bruce bid farewell with an acoustic version of «Thunder Road».

Meanwhile, Springsteen continues to deliver official live recordings of all the shows so far. Currently the 4 shows from South Africa are available in the official store, and the last two have greatly improved the sound quality.

Set list Perth 5.02.2014 and video of Dream Baby Dream rehearsals

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