23 agosto, 2013

E Street Fan T-shirts to help Dan

At the end of the Wrecking Ball tour’s final European leg, Springsteen followed his introduction of the legendary E Street Band with a salute to the fans. If you missed it, take a look at the video above, from the last night in Kilkenny, as Bruce calls out to the “ticket-seekin’, hotel-bookin’, money-jugglin’, plane-takin’, train-ridin’, queue-formin’, tramp-meetin’, feet-throbbin’, back-breakin’, burger-eatin’, rain-endurin’, music-lovin’, Boss-followin’, legendary E! Street! Fans!”

The salute originally comes from a T-shirt worn by Bruce fans Pauline Fairlie & Steven Woods at concerts throughout the summer. As photos of their shirts began to circulate, eventually Amy Lofgren brought it to Bruce’s attention, and the rest is history. Pauline and Steven approached Jon Landau Management and asked for their approval if they sold these shirts on behalf of Daniel Harrison, and they readily agreed.

The shirts are available in a variety of designs and colors and can be purchased now from our friends at Badlands.co.uk, with all proceeds going to the Help Dan Fund.

EStfansbck EStfansfr

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