26 marzo, 2012


Friday’s show in Tampa proved Springsteen’s confidence in his new album, keeping almost intact the backbone of the show, based on the songs from Wrecking Ball (8 of them were played). Simultaneously, Bruce continues to surprise adding new repertoire to the show while keeping a few classics. Seven songs premiered in Tampa: “Prove it All Night” replaced “Badlands” (a song that seemed untouchable), “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?” and “Talk to Me” did the same with “The E Street Shuffle” (resting momentarily?). The inclusion of “Talk to Me” proves Steve Van Zandt’s theory that the songs from The Promise would appear on this tour.

“American Skin (41 Shots)”, appropriately came back, in light of the recent death of young Trayvon Martin a month before, a fact that has caused much controversy in the U.S. (read more about it). “Atlantic City”, “Radio Nowhere” and “Glory Days” completed the ‘tour premieres’ chapter. Michelle Moore was onstage again for “Rocky Ground”.

See complete set list.

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